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              Anhui Tiankang medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!
              Job Name
              Production assembly personnel
              Long-term effective
              Anhui Tianchang
              Nature of work:
              Favorable treatment

              Large enterprises in Anhui Province Anhui days Tianchang Hong (Group) Co., Ltd. Anhui days under medical supplies Kang Co., Ltd., specializes in disposable intravenous catheter, safety auto-disable syringes, auto-disable syringes, infusion sets, blood transfusion, and other products R & D and production, products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and other countries and regions, and the successful bidder for a number of domestic Provincial Health Office, Provincial Center for Disease Control and the large provincial hospital. The company has more than 700 employees, but the current scale of production can not meet the market demand, the company invested heavily in the second phase of construction of production plant is being, now want to move: product manufacturing, product assembly and product packaging staff officers, a total of 200 name. Requirements: female, academic level, 40 years of age (favorable conditions, could relax the age limit), the treatment required to hold a health certificate: to provide room and board, a monthly salary of 4500-8000 yuan, insurance, monthly days off for two days, the statutory production tasks based on appropriate arrangements for holidays, vacation, welfare distribution site: Tianchang Economic Development Zone Industrial Park Tel :0550-day Hong -7,309,165 18,705,509,427 health certificate for the process: every one to eight in the morning every Friday prior to the day fasting health hospital medical examination - - support medical clearance report to the Food and Drug Administration Tianchang Administrative Service Center on the second floor window (the Agricultural Bank of the west side, opposite the Mood for Love) in exchange for health certificate, and other district staff may hold the seal of the local health department health certificate is also required: one inch hat seven photographs, copy of ID or a booklet copy of my page

              • Add: No. 228. Weiyi Road Economic Development Zone Tianchang City Anhui China
                Postcode: 239300

              • Comprehensive office:+ 86-550-7309169
                Fax: + 86-550-7308901

              • Sales consultant:Service
                Complaints rights:Service

              Anhui Tiankang medical Polytron Technologies Inc. ? Copyright Possessions
              Design By:Sunchn
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